Six mukhi rudraksha ( 6 mukhi rudraksha )

six mukhi rudraksha

original nepal Six mukhi rudraksha ( 6 mukhi rudraksha ) description

6 mukhi rudraksha well known as Skantha Swaroopa bestows the wearer with courage and fortitude in men, women and children. Fortune favours the brave and of course such persons must also be clever and wise! Six mukhi rudraksha has the power to instill in the wearer wisdom, reason things, and will power essential in imbibing courage. It washes off sins energies the positive aspects to lead a more purposeful life. Well, man wants to live in comfort, luxury and enjoy life to the fullest. This rudraksha offers all of these and in fulsome. Persons sporting this bead will progress well in education and other artistic fields too. At a very early stage some suffer from stammering, this condition is removed by wearing this rudraksha. Among various positive growths due to six rudraksha is its power to instill confidence and positive energy in the wearer. Many do not believe in luck, but dame luck does come one's way when this rudraksha is worn. Check it out!

original nepal Six mukhi rudraksha ( 6 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

 6 Mukhi Rudraksha increases the will power.determination,power of expressing, remembering power and the wearer becomes strong mentally. Therefore it is very good for school and college students. six mukhi Rudraksha endows the wearer with the power of Vashikaran (enchantment) by making him witty,smart, charming and brilliant.. Therefore it is good forone who is having having public dealings like actors,speakers and politicians. This Rudraksha blesseses the wearer with a happy marital life and endows it wearer with all worldly possession. this Rudraksha bead also pacifies the negative effects of planet Venus and is therefore very helpful in curing of the diseases related with sexual nature and sexual organs according to Ancient Vedic Texts.

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