rudrksha benifits


This is a single faced rudraksha and has the power to bestow spiritual powers including other mundane powers. Person wearing this rudraksha is considered to be lucky – because this is a rare rudraksha. Ek mukhi is found in two shapes: round and cashew nut. Both are very rare and usually found to be worn by Yogis, and tapasvis. It is well known that rudra (Lord Shiv) has the power to destroy all evil and anyone who wears this apparently is bestowed with this power. Ek mukhi carried down over many generations brings bountiful wealth and prosperity to the home. It keeps Shri Mahalakshmi always at the dwar (threshold) Ek mukhi is ruled by Sun, the most powerful cosmic star. Therefore, ek mukhi has the inherent power to ward off evil, heart disease, impairment in the right eye, cardiac issues, indigestion, skin disease, lung disorders, hommoroids and dyspepsia. Ek mukhi must be worn only on auspicious days chanting mantras assigned to it. This mukhi must be strung in white thread or gold chain for good results.

The two mukhi Rudraksha has many benefits. A few are detailed here. The two mukhi rudraksha has the composite power of both male and female. It is recommended for conjugal bliss and harmonious life. Often couples do not find a proper rapport between them which leads to mutual distrust and unhappiness. Two mukhi energizes the mind of the wearers to be drawn towards each other leaving aside mutual bickerings. It shuns all ill effects of the moon. The wearer will find himself to be able to work without interruption and successfully complete the task in hand. Two mukhi controls the mind, it helps in lowering anxiety, depression caused due to death in the home, loss in wealth; useful in better management of the bodily fluilds, averts renal failure, and revamps intestinal disorders. Since this rudraksha is a powerful bead for lasting relationship it must be worn either strung in a white or gold thread. It can also be kept under the pillow to ward off evil dreams. There is an option to keep this bead in a silver or gold box with kumkum and a little saffron (haldi). Carrying women will find this to be a big boon. Child is delivered with minimum pain and complications. This rudraksha is a powerful bead to attain eternal marital bliss, strengthens mutual love between couples and draws people in love to consummate their relationship. The wearer of this Rudraksha has his wishes fulfilled, brings peace of mind. It is also useful in meditation and for attaining spiritual bliss. Pregnant women sporting this rudraksha will be blessed with normal and painless delivery of the child without any difficulty or complications. Those persons down with insomnia (sleeplessness) and haunted by nightmares also get rid of these ill effects on the mind. This rudraksha must be put under the pillow before going to bed. Interestingly persons who are in constant touch with this bead ward of evil spirits and harmful influences from shady characters. Another feature is its power to absolve a person of sins committed knowingly or unwittingly, thereby it helps the wearer to reach out to attain heavenly bliss after life.

Teen mukhi rudraksha represents Agni (Fire). Obviously this rudraksha bestows similar energy on the wearer. It offers special power to face piquant situations with full confidence and vigour. Mangliks must necessarily wear this to offset the ill effects that come in the way of marriages. Young women, both married and unmarried, find this to control blood pressure during menstruation and irritable temperament that is the result of monthly cycle. In addition the three faced mukhi helps fight stress, depression born out of menstrual cycle. Those suffering serious mental instability will find this mukhi extremely useful. It fights vigourously suicidal tendencies in crestfallen persons and those suffering from incurable diseases. The mukhi removes negativity owing to planetary movement of the Mars. Business and real estate entrepreneurs can rely on this mukhi for growth and success. It is common knowledge that persons with manglik dosha finding difficulty in getting suitable spouses. Teen mukhi rudraksha bead is a powerful medium for those having "Manglik Dosha" in their kundali(horoscope). Persons who are shunned to their temperamental bent of mind will find this bead excellent to smother this trait. Medically too this Rudraksha is found to be useful in controlling blood pressure, streamlining menstrual cycle in young and married women, put to naught the ill effect of chronic fever, worst of all depression that leads a persons to take extreme step of suicide. It allows the person to bounce back to life and where there is no zeal for life. It energizes the entire human system This bead's ruling planet is Mars, has negative effects against all self self-defeating symptoms like depression, negative and guilty feelings, inferiority complexes etc. The three mukhi rudraksha boosts confidence helps in strengthening mental faculties. It addition it helps fight other physical ailments and several diseases. It brings good luck lowers tensions washes all sins.

Four mukhi rudraksha Representing Lord Brahma, four mukhi rudraksha energizes mental powers which contribute to individual progress. The malefic effect of Mercury is put to naught by its powerful presence, contributes to correct speech defects and improves spoken language. Four mukhi has a very positive effect on memory. Those wearing it grasp knowledge faster and retain information as long as they live. So, school going children and students must be encouraged to wear this amulet. Conventional professionals, scientists, business executives IT professionals too will be immensely benefitted by this. Generally this bead is worn on auspicious days while chanting the related mantra. It can be strung either in white thread or gold chain or safely kept in a gold or silver box with some kumkum or haldi (saffron) Four mukki rudraksha, also known a brahm swaroopa, has a powerful effect on the mind of those who are unsteady of mind. It is common to find that such persons find difficult to decide, even to cross the road! This is due to indecisive mind, commonly known as wavering mind. The four mukhi rudraksha calms the mind and wards off agitation. In course of time the wearer builds confidence in what he does. That aside a person sporting this bead will gradually increase his intelligence and logic. So it is often recommended to young children to increase their logic sense, concentration and intelligence. The mind and the vocal cords work in tandem, consequently a wearer is able to speak fluently and with utmost confidence. This rudraksha is very useful for all those who are slow in learning and gaining knowledge and creativity. Since we are concerned with four directions in the universe char disha, the four directions indicate its chaumukhi pragati, it means progress in all four directions!

Five mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Shiva. It has the power to undo the ill effects of planet Jupiter. Five mukhi augurs good fortune, improves scholastic prowess, strengthens psychological stability, has a calming effect on the mind during adverse conditions. Five mukhi shields the body in all situations and keeps blood pressure under control. It is also helpful in meditation and increases piety. The medicinal effects of this mukhi is well known. Those suffering from blood pressure must keep a couple of this mukhis in water overnight and drink that water empty stomach This procedure will control the blood pressure to a great extent. It must be stopped when normalcy returns. Obsessive persons, that is to say those who are seized with unknown spirits will find this mukhi very useful. There are times during sickness young and old suffer from a fear of death that is not there. Such persons must wear this mukhi on an auscpicious day chanting related mantra. The bead can be strung in white thread or gold chain. Five mukhi rudraksha known as Sada Siva Swaroopa is commonly is used for various psychological, spiritual, meditative and medical purposes. Man is a victim of circumstances. He earns good and bad too. Bad is the result of ones karma. This can be corrected. Sins earned unknowingly must be washed off in time to lead a more purposeful life. Five Mukhi is capable of removing this. The wearer is gradually drawn into a world of piety and goodness. Those needing peace of mind to meditate must wear this rudraksha. Interestingly it is used in water therapy to ward of various symptoms. In addition it has the power to hold at bay some diseases which are life threatening. The bead is very good to help fight fear, so persons who are often obsessed with fear of the unknown need to wear this. The fear of sudden death is one thing that is always feared by man; here the panch mukhi rudraksha plays an important role to destroy this disquieting trait.

Six mukhi rudraksha provides the wearer with unassailable victory over his rivals and wisdom to face the vagaries and challenges encountered in one’s life. This mukhi personifies Lord Kartikeye and has that inimitable power to downturn the illeffects of planet Venus. Those suffering from sexual disorders will gain much from this bead. Couples who shun each other in sexual acts, which is purely psychological will be drawn towards each other for sexual satisfaction. The bead has the power to entice the couples towards each other for it energzises sensual pleasures. Newly married couple will find this mukhi abundantly useful. This aside this rudraksha fuels interest to learn new and unexplored domains, thereby increasing knowledge and intelligence. People suffering a sense of defeat and failure must wear this mukhi for positive energy to goad them to move forward without the feeling of defeat. All said and done six mukhi is ideal for all age groups. It imbibes courage and a sense of adventure. 6 mukhi rudraksha well known as Skantha Swaroopa bestows the wearer with courage and fortitude in men, women and children. Fortune favours the brave and of course such persons must also be clever and wise! Six mukhi rudraksha has the power to instill in the wearer wisdom, reason things, and will power essential in imbibing courage. It washes off sins energies the positive aspects to lead a more purposeful life. Well, man wants to live in comfort, luxury and enjoy life to the fullest. This rudraksha offers all of these and in fulsome. Persons sporting this bead will progress well in education and other artistic fields too. At a very early stage some suffer from stammering, this condition is removed by wearing this rudraksha. Among various positive growths due to six rudraksha is its power to instill confidence and positive energy in the wearer. Many do not believe in luck, but dame luck does come one's way when this rudraksha is worn. Check it out!

Mahalakshmi is the representative diety of this mukhi. Obviously Lakshmi represents wealth that is something which is always at heart of all humans. An interesting aspect of this bead is its power to eliminate poverty and provide solutions to man’s misery in this world. In addtition to its power of removing poverty, and blessing a person with wealth the bead is considered to be a powerful medicinal medium too. It cures respiratory disorders, diseases of the foot and impotency which is becoming increasingly rampant these days due to changing lifestyles. Planet Saturn is said to induce serious diseases which are chronic in nature. Seven Mukhi can cure such diseases. It is also a powerful bead to enhance sexual affinity between sexes, especially in those who are not attracted towards each other even after marriage. Seven mukhi rudraksha also known as Saptha Matha Swaroopa is an epitome of power house! One among these is man's desire to be out of all miseries and perils of life. This rudraksha has the innate power to forestall such effects and brings the sufferer back on rails. The wearer keeps at bay his enemies by using this bead constantly; he is able to fight from within poisoning by enemies too. The rudraksha washes away sins of all nature provided the person promises not to repeat such sins again. Sins like thieving, using prohibited drugs and indulging in adultery must be done away with positive state of mind. Wealth is yet another weakness of man - he wants to be rich! Seven mukhi rudraksha may bring the wearer the luck of finding treasure trove by accident. All bad luck vanishes, a life of prosperity descends all of a sudden and unexpectedly too! Well, men and women alike yearn to find a suitable life partner. Seven rudraksha increases the attraction towards the opposite sex for courting and marriage too.

The elephant God Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of eight mukhi rudraksha. Lord Ganesha is the epitome of wisdom, learning and success. The wearer of eight mukhi will be a blessed being. Good health is there for the asking. The wearer never suffers with any serious illnesses and diseases unknown. He is never tormented by spirits evil dreams and halucinations anxiety born out of fear of defeat or failure because the Lord is always present in this bead protecting the wearer. Those who are down with sarpa dosha will find this bead very useful. The ill effects of rahu too are smothered down with full vengeance. Lord Ganesha, who was a great writer, thinker lives ensconsed in this mukhi hence the wearer is always guided by His wisdom. Eight mukhi is considered to be talisman that encompasses entire gamut of human endeavour. Eight mukhi rudraksha is also known as Ganesha Swaroopa and obviously as the name suggests the wearer too would imbibe in himself all that is so well attributed to Lord Ganesha! The rudraksha offers increased intelligence, knowledge, will to acquire information of the unknown. Good heath too is another aspect that is attributed to Ganesha, especially after his head was unwittingly smitten off by His father Lord Shiva - how he rose to be among the greatest among the devis and devas of the Hindu pantheon. The person sporting this bead is bestowed with good writing skills, better understanding of various subjects and possesses analytical mind too. Falsehood thins away into thin air, brings honour, prosperity and creates interest in fine arts. It wards off ill effect of Rahu and removes all obstacles and makes journey of life more tolerable. This rudraksha is especially good for those having 'sarp dosha'.

Bhairava swaroopa, also known as aadhya Shakti maa, are other names of nine mukhi rudraksha. It has a tremendous effect on mind and the body consequently wards off fear of the unknown, reduces anxiety and stress. This mukhi offsets negative effects, strengthens mental faculties and lowers tensions, especially while travelling. In fact nine mukhi has that uncanny power to control anger and enhances patience. Since nine mukhi has inherent power to assuage feelings of terror and fear, defeat and failure it is well suited to both men and women non working and working. This bead is identified with Goddess Durga. Having said this it goes without saying that all self defeating attributes are smitten in the bud and since Goddess Durga is equipped with a variety of weapons to keep at bay or destroy the wicked, the wearer of nine mukhi too is bestowed with similar powers. Nine mukhi rudraksha, also known as Bhairava Swaroopa is recommended for those who often travel and always on the move. It gives peace of mind, reduces stress and destroys fear. In addition the wearer becomes confident, has a clear conscience. Stress can lead to many negative effects in the body and mind. A few among them are fear, death and uncertainty of success. This is ably warded off by nine mukhi rudraksha. In so doing it builds a new life in the person who sports this bead. In this fast moving world where men and women are on the move for both wealth and good health this nine mukhi rudraksha will find vey useful for all: working women, business persons, housewives etc. This bead is attributed to Ma Durge therefore it is a symbol for all that the Goddess stands for: courage, fearlessness, will to face difficult situations (Read Durga mahima for more details). All said and done nine mukhi rudraksha is a must for all achievers!

Ten mukhi rudraksha is also known as Vishnu swaroopa is so powerful that one who wears this bead can singlr handedly protect the interest of his home. There are times when a family is beset with unforeseen difficulties which seem to be insurmountable. In such situations, ten mukhi works as a magic wand to keep them at bay. It is common knowledge that a man in his entire life finds some kind of obstacles that causes a sense of insecurity - insecurity born out of disputes at home, cases coming up in the law courts and so on. Similar situation too bealeguers women when they do not concieve for a long time or harassed by inmates at home. In such circumstances ten mukhi works wonders. Issues that crop up on account of Vastu errors are rectified by ten mukhi which draws strength from Lord Vishnu. Ten mukhi rudraksha Also known as Vishnu Swaroopa has these positive effects on the wearer.An interesting feature of 10 mukhi rudraksha is its power to correct Vastu dosha and meeta various issues that confronts man. During his life time man faces different kinds of disputes, cases hanging in the court and old animosities. All these are solved by wearing the 10 mukhi rudraksha. Women who are dejected for not conceiving will find this bead very useful, for in time she will surely conceive. The problems faced by individuals are attributed to the movements of planets. Just as a child finds comfort in her mother's arms so too will those who sport this rudraksha. It offers a sense of security from enemies, evil eyes, jealousy and shady people. In vastu dosha it offers solutions to issues related to placement of furmiture at home, building a new house, location of various rooms within. In addition to this an uncanny and baseless fear that some from behind you are intending to attack you is forestalled.

Eleven rudraksha bead has innumerable benefits. Its presiding deity is none other than Lord Shri Hanuman, epitome of strength – mental and physical, high degree of intelligence, a tactician par excellence. This rudraksha is widely known as ekadasha rudra swaroop, the wearer possess the will to fight accidental or untimely death and evil. Ekadasha rudraksha instills confidence and courage, the fear of the unknown and darkness never bothers. This bead can do wonders if a child is made to wear this talisman, as this helps the child to acquire qualities that made Shri Hanuman what He was. Ekadasha rudra imbibes the quality of devotion and worship towards the Almighty which in turn aids the wearer to rise to greater heights of success. In addition to this rudraksha offers good health and fortune, brings joy and prosperity to the home. Women too will be benefitted wearing this talisman; they receive much affection and devotion from their husbands. They get the boon of male child. Eleven mukhi rudraksha is also known as Ekadasa rudra Swaroopa"- It represents Lord Shri Hanuman. Just as Shri Hanumanji it offers oratorical skills, tactical negotiation skills, self confidence, intelligence, physical and mental power, as he is known to the whole world. Persons sporting this rudraksha will find meditation more purposeful, devotion towards God is a real experience. It has the unique power to control the entire body and mind causing them to work in tandem. Wearing this rudraksha is a boon, for it brings good luck, a luck that is not confined to riches alone but blesses the person with leadership qualities, finding a good spouse and has children who are obedient and worthy. This rudraksha has the power of Gods, offers perpetual happiness, long life - purposeful life. It protects the wearer from untimely death and helps in maintaining robust health, wards diseases. It is especially good for those who wish to advance their interests in business or in their profession.

12 mukhi rudraksha has practically all the qualities of eka mukhi rudrakasha, if 12 mukhi rudraksha is not available. The presiding deity is the Sun God. It is as vibrant as the sun and the wearer acquires the halo as the sun - bright and shining. 12 mukhi has a number of curative properties for diseases such as optical impairment, bone marrow problems, and severe anxiety syndrome which is common among persons down with chronic diseases. It also helps in reducing cardiac disorders and normalises blood circulation, reconciles impaired relationship between father and son. Another noreworthy aspect of 12 mukhi is its power to destroy the fear of animals, armed persons sins for killing animals. The wearer is imbibed with quality of leadership, change public opinion in his favour therefore it is useful for politicians, sales professionals and businessmen too. 12 face Rudraksha is known as "Indra Swaroopa" A very interesting feature of 12 mukhi is the wearer suffers very little from mental or physical pain. It has the uncanny power to give the power of the sun! It offers the wearer shine and brilliance, corrects vastu issues. The person sporting this rudraksha will be free from fear of fire and diseases. Poverty never comes his way, he is always in plenty and has enough to spare for others. He rids himself of all sins for killing animals. Has no fear of animals or men armed with weapons. This rudraksha has the power to cure many diseases. Since it bestows the power of leadership the wearer easily influences people whom he meets, useful to businesspersons and professional to face bravely piquant situations.

13 mukhi has Lord Indra as its presiding deity. It bestows charm on the wearer especially because it imbibes spiritual quality in the person. It offers mundane comforts and gears the wearer to face difficult situations with courage. Couples who have not been blessed with a child for a long time will richly benefit by the bead. As in 12 mukhi, this rudraksha too has that power to give power to the wearer to successfully influence a person and gain confidence. Hence, politicians, sales persons and businessmen will be immensely beniftted. An interesting feature of this bead is its ability to improve spoken language which is paramount in swinging people in your favour. 13 rudraksha has medicinal powers too. Disorders of the kidney, urinary system, and sexual impotency are among them. This is a multifaceted bead. In addition to its spiritual powers and use in medicines it has many more in store. It helps the wearer to achieve all on wishes to in one's life. Interestingly, it has a peculiar power to wash the sins of persons who has killed his close relatives! That is not to say that one should indulge in such acts. Those couples who do not have children find this rudraksha very useful to beget children. It is especially useful to leaders, businessmen and a host of others who wish to rise in life without obstacles. Another point worth noting is the wearer becomes friendly to all which is a great trait in influencing people. Marketing executives will vouch for this if they happen wear. They enjoy a rapport with whoever they meet, on the basis of their exclusive brilliance and attraction. Speech is influenced by this bead. In addition to this it has curative powers and power to keep of diseases like related to Thyroid, kidney, eye , sexual disorders and urinary system to name a few.

This mukhi too has Shri Hanuman as presiding deity. It has tremendous power in strengthening the eye sight and faculities of the brain. It is believed to have the power to correct impairment of the right eye. Issues faced in connection with business are squarely met and solutions found. This rudraksha is worn to purify sins committed by ancestors and clear the road for their redemption. Bhakti, the basis of ancient times, is imbibed in this mukhi therefore those wearing this talisman will be blessed with the quality of devotion towards the divine. This enables the wearer to open the Third Eye to see into the future more deeply. It develops intuitive powers, revamp the present and prepare for future exigencies. Persons having the problem of stammering can benefit greatly by wearing this rudraksha. In addition to all these it has the power to ward off malefic effect of planet Saturn. Also known as Sakala devatha swaroopa has the power of eight chakras. According to Hindu scriptures it was produced right from the eye of the rudra. It improves eyesight, helps the wearer to take right decisions on various issues. It has the power to purify sins or wrong doings of the ancestor's. The wearer himself is able to correct his past, take remedial steps to take positive steps with respect to present and future. It has the correctional power to control stammering, good for judging people by intuition and foresee calamities even before they strike. It creates a sense of bhakti and devotion towards the divine which in turn helps in attaining spiritual satisfaction. Love toward God and towards all mankind has its own importance. It contributes to one's wealth and health. These two and bhakti are quintessential for moksha which is the ultimate goal of the human soul!

Also known as Sakala devatha swaroopa has the power of eight chakras. According to Hindu scriptures it was produced right from the eye of the rudra. It improves eyesight, helps the wearer to take right decisions on various issues. It has the power to purify sins or wrong doings of the ancestor's. The wearer himself is able to correct his past, take remedial steps to take positive steps with respect to present and future. It has the correctional power to control stammering, good for judging people by intuition and foresee calamities even before they strike. It creates a sense of bhakti and devotion towards the divine which in turn helps in attaining spiritual satisfaction. Love toward God and towards all mankind has its own importance. It contributes to one's wealth and health. These two and bhakti are quintessential for moksha which is the ultimate goal of the human soul! 14 and 15 mukhi rudraksha too have similar powers excepting that in the 15 mukhi rudraksha luck is an added feature.

Among rudrakshas 16 mukhi stands out as exclusive and very precious. It brings success in all a wearer undertakes do. While embarking on a journey of life many hurdles keep coming in the way, one such obstacle is the fear of insecurity. 16 mukhi has the power to destroy this and goads the wearer to move ahead. The king of the nether world, Yama himself keeps off from the wearer. The person sporting this rudraksha finds protection and security in very difficult situations and forestalls impending dangers. In short it is mahamrityunjay(meaning victory over death). The bead offers psychological energy and keeps the mind alert at all times. A person finds himself wakeful even while he is fast asleep!!! In addition to all these positive effects it creates love for the spouse, family and friends, just as Lord Rama had for all humanity. In fact this rudrakshaa is dedicated to Lord Rama, the Most Revered among the masses.

One and all seek happiness, wealth and health. But most seek for wealth, for this is what they presume is essential to lead a comfortable life. 17 mukhi has it all. The wearer is blessed with wealth, and those seeking for it will find proper means to acquire it, wealth just doesn't come just by wishing for it. This rudraksha shows the way to how to acquire it. This can be through investment in shares, business, games or even lottery. All this comes to pass within a small period of time. Remember while a rudraksha has a few specifics but it encompases all that is good and divine. This rudraksha instills in aperson love for creativity, search for peace and spiritualism. In view of these features 17 mukhi is a greatly sought

18 mukhi rudraksha is related to Mother earth. Yes, Mother earth is bountiful; it offers all that mankind needs: growth, health, prosperity and all that is good in the universe. So, a person wearing this rudraksha will be blessed with these qualities. It offers immense power of tolerance, meditative spirit, and quality of concentration. It is very effective for those thinking of venturing into business, or investing money in new projects. As in most rudraksha beads this too has the curative powers against diseases. It is especially recommended for women who often, due to medical reasons, need to have abortions. It smothers pain, anxiety in them. Relief is not always forthcoming by medicines alone spiritual and divine intervention is needed, hence women with this condition must wear this rudraksha.

Everyone wishes for a suitable spouse in life, the one who stands steadfastly through thick and thin. Here is one rudraksha -19 mukhi rudraksha - that has the answer. The person wearing this bead will sooner or later will find a compatible partner who will offer all the bliss needed in a married life - obedient children, taking care of domestic responsibilities and keeping close to the heart spouse's secrets. The person sporting this rudraksha will find success in all his/her ventures, is bestowed with both physical and mental energy - mental energy that has the ability to sift good from the bad, right from the wrong. The wearer is blessed with consummate understanding of various subjects, be it business, political, artistic, literary and other fine arts. It is interesting to note that this rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu, one of the Trinities of the Hindu pantheon.

20 mukhi rudraksha is not found easily. It is rare and represents Lord Brahma. It is imbibed with all the powers put together of the entire planetary system in the Universe! A person wearing this bead is blessed with creative spirit and has a keen ear for music. Not listening or appreciating alone put is blessed to learn and play musical instruments to his liking. In course of time he becomes a master in the instrument he plays, such is the power of this bead. His creative inclination may include fine arts, building huge structures, redesign existing structures based on Vastu technology etc.. Since he is also bestowed with excellent learning powers he can go on to be a good demagogue too. The divine power of this 20 mukhi rudraksha has all encompassing human quality - work for excellence!

Wealth is never everlasting unless a person is specially blessed by God. If that God happens to be Lord Kuber you will never be left wanting. 21 mukhi rudraksha represents Kuber, the God of wealth. Obviously, the ones wearing this rudraksha are blessed with immense wealth and receive protection from Lord Kuber himself. Fortune continues to favour the wearer; he is always shown the way by the divine to find wealth by right means, shown how to be magnanimous too. Lord Kuber in the guise of this rudraksha protects the wealth from evil eyes. In addition to this boon one is protected from greed, disease and sloth.