Rare itself says everything, we consider any face rudraksha above 12 faces as a rare, any special formation of specification that Divine Manifests through Sacred Shiv rudraks are in this category. With Natures blessings we come up with many such अति दुर्लभ रुद्राक्ष rarest rudraksha of it kind, be it is a natural black rudraksha or a 28 face rudraksha. You may contact our office for knowing what we have in this rare products. Below are some rare collection that we came across, this is just a few. Is there anything you want specifically with regards to rudraksha please contact our office and keep informed so that we can source it for You. For we are for YOU.

1. Biggest Rudraksha in the world ( 30mm +, 35mm, 40mm )
2. Black Rudraksha or Kale Rudraksh
3. One Face Kaju Rudraksha
4. Ganesh Rudraksha
5. 12 mukhi onwards
6. Mala of 27 beads or more in one specific face. ( Like a 11 face mala with 54 beads )
7. Trijuti Rudraksha
8. Gowri Shankar rudraksha
Also we can supply you with:-
Parad Shivling ( specially made for individuals ) Parad Bead ( specially custom made for individual`s specific purposes ) Crystal Shivalinga of any size you need.


Biggest Rudraksha in the world

We consider the size of 30mm and above size shiv rudraksha as a very rare and it is the biggest possible, 40 mm size is one such which we came across. This is not available all the times, as mentioned please be in touch and sure we will be blessed to supply to you.


Black Rudraksha

Shiv Rudraksha in Black Colour Naturally is rare so as a white or a Half white rudraksha It is believed that Natural Black Rudraksha is Benefical To Protect from Everything Which is Bad that includes Protection From Evil Spirits, Harmful Negative Energies, Demons etc. these Natural Black shiv rudraksha has Very Strong Capability To Attract Peoples In All Kind of Attraction Purpose. Dasa Mahavidya practitioners and people who chant Bija Mantras for specific Kali dieties this originally back shiv rudraksha, Chanting Prathyankara devi Mantra with Black Rudraksha beads is seen in South Part of India Kaali Tantra, Kali Sadhna, Bhairav Sadhna, Bhairava Tantra and Yakshini Rituals, chanting Vashikaran Mantra, Tantra Badha, and removal of negative energies these natural black rudraksha plays a good role. Ancient people wear one such black rudraksha in their neck so others do not take control of the throat chakra. Real Black rudraksha comes in all the faces and in this the rudraksha plays a big role and along with the energy of the face it generates special Powers for the one who is wearing


Karu Rudraksha in Black

Since this is a rare of its kind we donot get them so easily, kindly check which face we have in stock, sometimes we come come up with a mala which is completely in natural black rudraksha.

21 Mukhi Rudraksha
Ganesh Rudraksha
One Face Rudraksha Round

Paras shivalingam
Paras shivalingam
Paras shivalingam

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