About Shiv Rudraksha

Shiv Rudraksha a traditional rudraksha dealers are one stop spiritual shop for supplying pure and original rudraksha for the requirement of Devotees of Lord Shiva. We deal only with the high quality Hi-Breed first quality Rudraksha. Our Grandfather initially got some rudraksha from vendors in Nepal, later he typically went to the source of origin and started bringing just not from the place of origin but from the Birth Location of the trees of rudraksha. As a third generation we follow the same traditional steps and do make sure that all the "Shaba Vimochana" which involved the taking permission of the tree, and even the rudraksha beads before the plucking Ruraksha and the next level of ethnic aesthetic processes as mentioned in scripts and verbally taught information followed traditionally. If we at shiv rudraksha are called as outdated people for such process we are humble and proud to be so.


Original Nepali Rudhraksham is our core focus of Business at Shiv Rudraksha, where we mostly have rudraksh from two face upto fourteen face. ( 2 FACE TO 14 FACE Rudraksha ), we also come across other multiple faces, with the Blessings of Lord Shiva it the the mother nature who decides which rudraksha to reach whom and we come across very rare and sometimes very unique faced rudraksha. One thing we strongly believe in that what and which rudraksha have to reach the required and deserving devotee they will get it for sure and we experience that almost every day


We are Professional Spiritualists Serving devotees of Lord Shiva. We are for YOU. We are here to support you for you to ENHANCE YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH BY YOURSELF. humblely we supply SHIV RUDRAKSHA

Two mukhi rudraksha


Our Valuable Customers are our Strength.
Our Customers Blessings are our Strength.
humblely our prayers are our Strength
PROUDLY our Quality is our Strength.


Since we at Shiv Rudraksha deal with Hi-Breed First Quality Rrudraksham our price might be sounding higher. Our customers know the cost that incur for procuring Genuine Rudaksh as we deal with quality hi class people who are devotees of the Supreme Lord Shiva who wear only the Original and the best. Trust and fidelity are the foundations of any relationship, whether it is commercial or personal. If you agree to these virtues, shiv rudraksha is the one you were looking for. Not only we are trustworthy we have a scientific approach to the products we sell without affecting its inherent religious and cultural values. All the different mukhi rudrakshas that we sell, find its mention in our sacred scriptures, supported by tradition. You cannot measure the spiritual benefit of these religious products, because no such scientific methodology has been found till date which could scientifically measure rudraksha. We at Shiv Rudraksha respect the divine effects of the use of rudraksha sold because it is completely supported by prayers with its specific rituals. We don't talk too much about ourselves, all we require is an opportunity to serve you...

humble-ly we supply SHIV RUDRAKSHA
we are Traditional Rudraksha Dealers.
We are Shiv Rudraksha