Seven mukhi rudraksha ( 7 mukhi rudraksha )

seven mukhi rudraksha

original nepal Seven mukhi rudraksha ( 7 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Seven mukhi rudraksha also known as Saptha Matha Swaroopa is an epitome of power house! One among these is man's desire to be out of all miseries and perils of life. This rudraksha has the innate power to forestall such effects and brings the sufferer back on rails. The wearer keeps at bay his enemies by using this bead constantly; he is able to fight from within poisoning by enemies too. The rudraksha washes away sins of all nature provided the person promises not to repeat such sins again. Sins like thieving, using prohibited drugs and indulging in adultery must be done away with positive state of mind. Wealth is yet another weakness of man - he wants to be rich! 7 mukhi rudraksha may bring the wearer the luck of finding treasure trove by accident. All bad luck vanishes, a life of prosperity descends all of a sudden and unexpectedly too! Well, men and women alike yearn to find a suitable life partner. Seven rudraksha increases the attraction towards the opposite sex for courting and marriage too.

original nepal Seven mukhi rudraksha ( 7 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

 7 Mukhi Rudraksha brings Wealth and wellness in all areas like Business, Service and Career thereby bringing All around Prosperity and Riches. seven mukhi Rudraksha also brings good fortune, increased profits, financial security, creativity and  enhanced intuition. this kind of rudraksha bead is useful for healing muscular and body pains, according to the ancient vedic texts. This Rudraksha helps in overcoming the malefic effects of Saturn and its “Sade Sati “ period. This Rudraksha is also helpful for those people who have a “Kaal Sarp Dosh ” in their horoscope. as mentioned in Ancient Vedic Texts,this Rudraksha bead is said to help in healing of planet Saturn diseases like foot diseases, respiratory and chronic related diseases.

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