Ten mukhi rudraksha ( 10 mukhi rudraksha )

ten mukhi rudraksha

original nepal Ten mukhi rudraksha ( 10 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Ten mukhi rudraksha known as Vishnu Swaroopa has these positive effects on the wearer.An interesting feature of 10 mukhi rudraksha is its power to correct Vastu dosha and meeta various issues that confronts man. During his life time man faces different kinds of disputes, cases hanging in the court and old animosities. All these are solved by wearing this rudraksha. Women who are dejected for not conceiving will find this bead very useful, for in time she will surely conceive. The problems faced by individuals are attributed to the movements of planets. Just as a child finds comfort in her mother's arms so too will those who sport this rudraksha. It offers a sense of security from enemies, evil eyes, jealousy and shady people. In vastu dosha it offers solutions to issues related to placement of furmiture at home, building a new house, location of various rooms within. In addition to this an uncanny and baseless fear that some from behind you are intending to attack you is forestalled.

original nepal Ten mukhi rudraksha ( 10 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha protects its wearer from the malefic effects of all the  nine planets and he is blessed with Name, Fame, Health and Prosperity. 10 mukhi Rudraksha also nullity Black Magic, Evie Eye etc. and also controls the angers. Those people who feel nervous all the times and are not able to make a concrete decision at the right times should wear this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha helps the wearer in moving his life in a right direction. This Rudraksha should also be worn when there is a Pitra Dosh in the Horoscope since Lord Vishnu showers his blessings on the wearer of this Rudraksha

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