Thirteen mukhi rudraksha ( 13 mukhi rudraksha )

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha

original nepal Thirteen mukhi rudraksha ( 13 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha is a multifaceted bead. In addition to its spiritual powers and use in medicines it has many more in store. It helps the wearer to achieve all on wishes to in one's life. Interestingly, it has a peculiar power to wash the sins of persons who has killed his close relatives! That is not to say that one should indulge in such acts. Those couples who do not have children find 13 mukhi rudraksha very useful to beget children. It is especially useful to leaders, businessmen and a host of others who wish to rise in life without obstacles. Another point worth noting is the wearer becomes friendly to all which is a great trait in influencing people. Marketing executives will vouch for this if they happen wear. They enjoy a rapport with whoever they meet, on the basis of their exclusive brilliance and attraction. Speech is influenced by this bead. In addition to this it has curative powers and power to keep of diseases like related to Thyroid, kidney, eye , sexual disorders and urinary system to name a few.

original nepal Thirteen mukhi rudraksha ( 13 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

Since the ruling planet of a Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is Venus, it bestows Charm as well as Popularity to its wearer. This Rudraksha also gives all the Worldly Comforts as well as a Spiritual upliftment to its wearer.This 13 mukhi Rudraksha ensures that the wearer emerges victorious in challenging situations and full potential of destiny is available to him. The Lord Kamdev is also pleased with wearer and fulfills all his worldly desires.This Rudraksha is very beneficial for those people who are in contact with masses like Leaders, Marketing Professionals, Company Presidents.This Rudraksha enhances the performance of its wearer by improving his Charm and Attraction. Hence this Rudraksha is also very good for those who are seeking a True Love in their Life.

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