twenty one mukhi rudraksha ( 21 mukhi rudraksha )

twentyone mukhi rudraksha

original nepal twenty one mukhi rudraksha ( 21 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Wealth is never everlasting unless a person is specially blessed by God. If that God happens to be Lord Kuber you will never be left wanting. this rudraksha represents Kuber, the God of wealth. Obviously, the ones wearing twenty one mukhi rudraksha are blessed with immense wealth and receive protection from Lord Kuber himself. Fortune continues to favour the wearer; he is always shown the way by the divine to find wealth by right means, shown how to be magnanimous too. Lord Kuber in the guise of 21 mukhi rudraksha protects the wealth from evil eyes. In addition to this boon one is protected from greed, disease and sloth.

original nepal twenty one mukhi rudraksha ( 21 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

One of the rarest and most powerful twenty one mukhi rudraksha is Twenty one faces rudraksha. Because of varied powerful energies emitting from this rudraksha it is always advisable to keep it at home altar. The possessor of 21 mukhi Rudraksha never falls short on his/her achievements. Wealth, health and prosperity always remains within the family possessing this Rudraksha. The family will be famous for prosperity and spirituality, and always remains in the path of Sanatan Dharma. Feedbacks received from the worshipper of 21 faces Rudraksha : - Improvement in financial position - Removes hurdles, obstacle, loss and slowness in career of each family member - Harmonious and cooperative family environment. There is no loss of happiness in family members. Family members never become sick. - Respect and fame in society and nation. 21 face rudraksha is good for those who are doing online trading business, owners of multiple companies, political leaders, directors, legal consultant etc. who are always taking risks. By wearing this, even those who knowingly or unknowingly did sins of Bramahatya are wiped off.

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