Five mukhi rudraksha ( 5 mukhi rudraksha )

five mukhi rudraksha

original nepal Five mukhi rudraksha ( 5 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Five mukhi rudraksha known as Sada Siva Swaroopa is commonly is used for various psychological, spiritual, meditative and medical purposes. Man is a victim of circumstances. He earns good and bad too. Bad is the result of ones karma. This can be corrected. Sins earned unknowingly must be washed off in time to lead a more purposeful life. 5 Mukhi is capable of removing this. The wearer is gradually drawn into a world of piety and goodness. Those needing peace of mind to meditate must wear this rudraksha. Interestingly it is used in water therapy to ward of various symptoms. In addition it has the power to hold at bay some diseases which are life threatening. The bead is very good to help fight fear, so persons who are often obsessed with fear of the unknown need to wear this. The fear of sudden death is one thing that is always feared by man; here the panch mukhi rudraksha plays an important role to destroy this disquieting trait.

original nepal Five mukhi rudraksha ( 5 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

  As per Ancient Vedic Texts. a 5 Mukhi  Rudraksha is very helpful for the regulation  and maintenence  of Blood Pressure and fats in the human body It also brings good luck, excellence in academics have a tranquil effect on mind.this rudraksha also pacifies the malefic effects of planet Jupiter. five mukhi Rudraksha is also very helpful in curing memory loss and bring you memory poweri.e. when there are memory lapses according to Ancient Vedic Texts. Wearer of this kind of Rudraksha bead never get an untimely death.  Those who seek for spirituality, good health ,luck and l peace should wear this kind of Rudraksha bead

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