Sixteen mukhi rudraksha ( 16 mukhi rudraksha )

sixteen mukhi rudraksha

original nepal sixteen mukhi rudraksha ( 16 mukhi rudraksha ) description

Among rudrakshas sixteen mukhi rudraksha stands out as exclusive and very precious. It brings success in all a wearer undertakes do. While embarking on a journey of life many hurdles keep coming in the way, one such obstacle is the fear of insecurity. 16 mukhi rudraksha has the power to destroy this and goads the wearer to move ahead. The king of the nether world, Yama himself keeps off from the wearer. The person sporting this rudraksha finds protection and security in very difficult situations and forestalls impending dangers. In short it is mahamrityunjay(meaning victory over death). The bead offers psychological energy and keeps the mind alert at all times. A person finds himself wakeful even while he is fast asleep!!! In addition to all these positive effects it creates love for the spouse, family and friends, just as Lord Rama had for all humanity. In fact this rudrakshaa is dedicated to Lord Rama, the Most Revered among the masses.

original nepal sixteen mukhi rudraksha ( 16 mukhi rudraksha ) benefits

Controls blood pressure .It is proved that sixteen mukhi rudraksha beads decreases blood pressure variations exceptionally.Protects from all visible and invisible evils .Our great evil is our thoughts, it protects us and people around us from bad thoughts. Peace of mind .It is seen that people wearing rudraksha are more peaceful in nature) Improve concentration .16 mukhi rudraksha increases concentration They generate specific electrical impulses that are sent to the brain through the process of galvanic skin response stimulating certain brain centers that transfer information. Their dielectric and magnetic properties initiate and effect positive change in our NeurophysiologyReducestress Rudraksha beads harmonizes blood flow and decreases stress by giving sound sleepRudraksha Beads are dielectric as they store electrical energy and they havepermanent magnetic properties that change with the different Mukhi Beads. Rudraksha Malas when used in Japa, integrate with the human body. It bring consciousness.

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